being as in love with you as i am

i am not fully ready, too; i lack in so many aspects,
but i’m praying that you can see, we can be there
for each other, through thick & thin, i will always be here,
if only you’d take the step not to push me back. 

i’ve said this before and i’ll say it again, 
you don’t have to commit. i’ll do everything.
it may or may not be unhealthy, but i’ll always give in.
because you’re the only, 
only ever that’s worth me giving my all. 

If you still think I’m not serious about us,
just remain neutral. time will tell, time will tell
how serious I truly am; how I so badly want
you to get only the best because you deserve only that.
treat me in anyway you deem, cold shoulder if
you see fit, reply me only if you think I deserve it. 
i won’t give up on us.